Saturdays made fun!

Since my family and I moved out from our hometown, I also entered a new school. Everything was new and I feel like an outsider at the very first week of school. But as an Actual Goddess, I remained positive at all times and always hoped that one day I wake up, I already have friends to talk to.

Indeed, hoping is not impossible. Without even realizing it, I already have a group of friends and my relationship with my other classmates improved. Although I’m a bit out of place with other schoolmates, still I won’t even stop hoping that sooner, I’ll be able to talk with them casually too.

But anyways, life lately wasn’t hard at me at all. I’ve created new friends and a close relationship with them despite the fact that I’m a transferee. Thankfully, I have captured few photos to share since this is really worth the keeps.

This unexpected photo shoot happened right after our Confirmation Seminar. We had a project to make but eventually, this happened.


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Inspirational: Failures aren’t every bad thing.


Eversince the world has began, life has always been cruel. It doesn’t give you want you wanted all the time.

Sometimes, you have to patiently wait for the perfect timing or accept the fact that it wouldn’t go the way you wanted it to.

The past week, I realized another life lesson. Another life lesson that I would surely bring with me throughout my life.

As students, we always have that mindset to ace in our classes and to fight for that top place.

I, myself have that kind of mindset. I never really dreamt of being in top of our class. I have long accepted that I will probably never deserve that place.

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Inspirational Talk: Dealing with Insecurities

In our era right now, we are very judgemental and we always compare ourselves to different persons. We always ask ourselves the differences that we had from a person. We always take a look at our differences and that is seriously one of the reason why our insecurities are made.

As a teen, I always relate to somethings when talking about insecurities. I have a lot especially when we are talking about physical appearances. Physical appearances are one big reason why we are judge by our friends or co-teens.

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Hello 2017! (2016 Recap)

Well, it’s been 5 days since 2017 started. I didn’t have any idea on what’s my next blog post is. So I’ve decided to make this. Thanks to ate Janina, I had some ideas to do this. BTW, she’s one of my favorite youtuber. Go check her out on youtube!

Alright, 2016 was one of those memorable past years. It has given me lots and lots of once in a lifetime opportunities. During this year, I’ve met a lot of friends. I was able to travel a lot of places.

This year, I lost an important person but that taught me to become strong and be more intact with my family with all those times. I became a more independent person. I enjoyed a lot of blissful memories with my friends.

2016 has really taught me to grow up and learn a lot of meaningful things.

Well 2016 isn’t always about me achieving different kinds of wonderful things. It’s also about me falling down and not being able to reach many goals that I supposedly should reach.

I have a lot of flaws and insecurities. And 2016 helped me cope up with it just like those recent years. Many storms came and tried to destroy me but still I survived and kept my feet on the ground.

I have always wondered why I am given with such a life like this. I questioned not because I hated my life but because I am thankful, so much thankful, that God has given me such life.

My life isn’t perfect, it wasn’t everyone’s dream life but this is my ideal life to live in to. And I’m so thankful that God has given me and still gave me another year, despite those mistakes and wrongdoings that I’ve done.

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Life Lately: Currently Up To

My life is a common school girl type. Like school -home-assignments-sleep. That’s my usual routine everyday but I’ve been up to many different things right now that I don’t think I can fit it to my schedule anymore. I usually sleep 7:40 to 8:30 but lately I’ve been up until 9. I just want to share some things that I’m currently up to.

Lately, I’ve been very busy with school projects and performance tasks that I barely inserted my blogging schedule. School is hectic at the moment and I don’t have any time to talk with my friends about their lives like we usually do. I can only see them every after class then that’s it. I can only see them getting inside the school gate and leaving the school gate.

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