Friday’s 10 Happy Things // 03

It’s been months since I last blogged! I’ve totally missed the feeling of writing in this blog since I’ve got not time because of the busy hectic schedule of school. I’m still in the 8th grade but we already have a busy schedule 😦  (what a sad life indeed)

Anyway, I know it’s weird because it’s already Saturday evening but I’m doing a “Friday’s 10 Happy Things” post but who cares? I’ve missed blogging so much and I think this week was a full blast for me so I have a lot of things to talk or write probably.

    1. I was able to finish all my exams properly. Well, as a student, all I wanted to do is to be able to answer all my test whether it is difficult or not.
    2. I am finally back from my k-drama hiatus ever since I watched “Bride of the Water God”. So expect more k-drama reviews in the next few weeks.
    3. So my k-pop group decided to go for a comeback next month and they are already releasing concept images this week! >3 giphy
    4. I am totally happy to be able to have time in blogging again. I surely missed the feeling of blogging.
    5. Another thing that I am happy for this week is that, I made a home made bingsu. If you are wondering what it is, well bingsu is a korean food which means ‘shaved ice’ in english.
    6. I finally went inside a Korean-inspired shop in our place! I wasn’t able to visit it not until last Wednesday!
    7. I have finally improved my editing skills! Not a big deal, I know. But for me it is.
    8. I created a new hobby of mine which is outlining! I don’t know how to draw but outlining is a thing to help me improve my drawing skills.
    9. My ate was so kind to me that she helped me choose a drama to welcome me back from my hiatus. 🙂
    10. Lastly, the semestral break is near! More dramas to watch and more blog post to post! 🙂

And that sums up all my week!

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Friday’s 10 Happy Things// 02

Thank God it’s Friday! Fridays are always the best day of the week. I’m really loving it because, I can stay late at night and watch everything I want to watch. Well this week was hell week for school and I’m so proud to be able to finish everything I need to finish this week! And I have been very busy with our dance something presentation. So I wasn’t able to update new things from my blog.

Well anyway, these are the things that I have loved, I love and continually loving:

  1. I was able to update another update of my story on Wattpad which is “Melody” (Link is here!)
  2. We have like 3 days straight no afternoon classes! And no afternoon classes means, NO MATH CLASSES! Can you just imagine how happy I am and my classmates to be able to avoid Math class? You guys would love that!
  3. I am so proud to announce that I am an honor student! I mean yes, I am. Dati pa but this one’s different eh! Based on the new curriculum, I had an average of 95, which means, I am a “With High Honor” student!
  4. This wasn’t this week but I would love to share it with you guys. That Finally! I am able to watch “The Space Between Us” and the thing is, I am alone watching it! Super love the story!
  5. I get to spend my weekend in my house with wifi! I’m not going to BXU this weekend!
  6. I am watching currently, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo!
  7. I am so, duper, very, extraordinary in love with Nam Joo Hyuk! He’s my baby!
  8. We didn’t get to pass our projects in Filipino Subject! Mine was incomplete so it was such a great blessing!
  9. I get to join the fun run this Sunday!
  10. Lastly, I was able to recieve chocolates and love this Valentines!

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Friday’s 10 Happy Things // 01

I know it’s already Saturday but I’m supposed to post this yesterday but then I forgot this. Blame “Moonlight drawn by clouds”

I’ve been surfing around blogs all day today because I’m unproductive every time I’m alone at home. I’ve visit different blogs ( a lot actually) and I’ve noticed that almost half of the blogs that I’ve visited has this blog series so called Friday’s 10 Happy Things.  And it brought me to ate Helga’s blog (go visit it by the way).

It’s a blog series where you can list 10 things that made you happy this week. And of course, being a mediocre in blogging, I wanted to try it. It is also a coincidence that I’ve found this out during Friday. So here it is!

  1. I’m a JSL (Jonaxx Story Lover) so one of the 10 things that I loved this week were the long updates of Queen J. ❤
  2. My classmates and I went to Bon Appetea last Thursday, and there we got ourselves some treat.
  3. We went to the Rotonda Circle friday night for fun. We enjoyed ourselves there.
  4. We didn’t present our Math Jingle on thursday and I’m happy abou it. 🙂 My group isn’t that prepared yet so instead, we will perform it on Monday.
  5. I’m having a long weekend! Yehey! XD
  6. I get to finish Love in the Moonlight.
  7. I don’t have any assignments for next week! 😛
  8. I’ve uploaded almost 5 blog post just this week. 🐱
  9. I already get to bond with my squad.
  10. Then lastly, I already have a adobe Premier Pro. Yey!

If you wanted to join me and many more others, click below!


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