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Confessions of a K-drama Addict //01

Because I can’t held it inside of me without sharing it with anyone…

That’s one big reason why I created this. I’m a person who wanted to share every wonderful things I’ve experienced in my life. I consider me being a fan of Korean drama a big thing in my life. Then I realized, why I barely share these kind of feels to my friends.

I’ve been keeping all of these, inside me for a long time now. Then it hit me. Why didn’t I share it to my beloved blog? But maybe I did. I somewhat did when I made some drama reviews. But maybe it wasn’t enough for me.

Well then here it is! My very own confession of a K-drama addict!

To be honest, I didn’t like korean dramas before.  My cousin has been very deeply in love with k-pop and dramas since then and I knew it. She collected dramas and k-pop songs and we had lots and lots of it.

Then one time, on my facebook news feed, all posts were about Descendants of the sun. I thought about it was a song. I didn’t have any idea back then that I will be loving this k-drama.

A few days later, I opened my snapchat account and saw some posts of my friend. Then one of my snapchat friend happens to be my cousin’s friend which is also a k-drama and k-pop lover. There was a picture then the caption was “Crying over descendants of the sun”

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Hello 2017! (2016 Recap)

Well, it’s been 5 days since 2017 started. I didn’t have any idea on what’s my next blog post is. So I’ve decided to make this. Thanks to ate Janina, I had some ideas to do this. BTW, she’s one of my favorite youtuber. Go check her out on youtube!

Alright, 2016 was one of those memorable past years. It has given me lots and lots of once in a lifetime opportunities. During this year, I’ve met a lot of friends. I was able to travel a lot of places.

This year, I lost an important person but that taught me to become strong and be more intact with my family with all those times. I became a more independent person. I enjoyed a lot of blissful memories with my friends.

2016 has really taught me to grow up and learn a lot of meaningful things.

Well 2016 isn’t always about me achieving different kinds of wonderful things. It’s also about me falling down and not being able to reach many goals that I supposedly should reach.

I have a lot of flaws and insecurities. And 2016 helped me cope up with it just like those recent years. Many storms came and tried to destroy me but still I survived and kept my feet on the ground.

I have always wondered why I am given with such a life like this. I questioned not because I hated my life but because I am thankful, so much thankful, that God has given me such life.

My life isn’t perfect, it wasn’t everyone’s dream life but this is my ideal life to live in to. And I’m so thankful that God has given me and still gave me another year, despite those mistakes and wrongdoings that I’ve done.

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Sunday Currently | 06

Merry Christmas People! Hope you had a good day! I just wrote this entry today around 1:00 in the afternoon because I woke up at 10 in the morning because I stayed up all night watching some Korean Variety Show. Well Anyway, here’s how my Christmas goes!


Island of Fire by Jonaxx on Wattpad! 

A weird draft about my Christmas Party and I’m in the bridge of it! 


To some korean variety show music.  


Of something really weird! I wanted to do things today because it’s Christmas! 


The creamy and buttery smell of mashed potatoes from KFC! 


A very good Christmas day! 


That someone would buy me a DOTS photo essay. 

My sleeping gown! 


My day! Wohhooo! 


A DOTS Photo esay! Please!  


More battery on my phone! I’ts like 3% and I’m still using it! Lol! 


Very amazing! 

Hope you’d all have a merry little Christmas! Let’s all celebrate the birth of Jesus! Merry Christmas loves! 

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Sunday Currently| 05

This week was different for me because, I didn’t go to Butuan yesterday and i just stayed at San Francisco. Well anyway, Happy Sunday guys! I feel unproductive kanina but I’m so excited to write another blog post for this! YEY! 🐱



My Latest Korean Drama review which is love in the Moonlight! It’s short (Not as long as my other K-drama review) but I think I had delivered everything I wanted to say.


None for this week. But I have something to upload next time


Ben’s Misty Road. A song from Love in the Moonlight. It was amazing. Thumbs up to Jin Young. 😉


A good way to surprise my friend.


*sniffs* none maybe


To be able to finish my tasks in school.


To have a blessed and a not busy week ahead! >3


My pajamas! It’s one pm and I haven’t even taken a bath yet! 🐻


Moonlight drawn by clouds OST! (Some songs are produced by Jin Young!)


An autograph from Park Bo Gum. ^^’


Money to buy my planner! (I think I should just save up!)


Amazing! XD I feel very amazing today! Maybe because I don’t mind having class tomorrow! (woaah! That’s unusual!)

So how was you’re Sunday folks? Click the link below if you wanted to join me and many more others! >3

Join the Sunday Currently link-up by Siddathorton

P.S I didn’t put a featured Image because I’m too tired to make one!

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Korean Drama Review: Love in the Moonlight

Love in the Moonlight Poster


Director: Kim Sung-Yoon

Written by: Kim Min-Jung and Im Ye-Jin

Number of episodes: 18 (excluding special episode)

Network: KBS2

Genre: Historical/ Coming-of-age/ Romantic-Comedy


Park Bo Gum as Lee Young

Kim Yoo Jung as Hong Ra On

Jin Young as Kim Yoon Sung 

                                                                                     Kwak Dong Yeon as Kim Byun Yun

                                                                                    Chae Soo Bin as Jo Ha Yeon


Hong Ra-On disguises herself as a man and counsels men on dating. Due to a love letter she wrote for a client, she meets Crown Prince Lee Yeong. Hong Ra-On is unaware that he is the Crown Prince and Lee Yeong is unaware that Hong Ra-On is a woman. The Crown Prince becomes interested in Hong Ra-On. His eunuchs become aware of this and attempt to get Hong Ra-On to become one of them.

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Friday’s 10 Happy Things // 01

I know it’s already Saturday but I’m supposed to post this yesterday but then I forgot this. Blame “Moonlight drawn by clouds”

I’ve been surfing around blogs all day today because I’m unproductive every time I’m alone at home. I’ve visit different blogs ( a lot actually) and I’ve noticed that almost half of the blogs that I’ve visited has this blog series so called Friday’s 10 Happy Things.  And it brought me to ate Helga’s blog (go visit it by the way).

It’s a blog series where you can list 10 things that made you happy this week. And of course, being a mediocre in blogging, I wanted to try it. It is also a coincidence that I’ve found this out during Friday. So here it is!

  1. I’m a JSL (Jonaxx Story Lover) so one of the 10 things that I loved this week were the long updates of Queen J. ❤
  2. My classmates and I went to Bon Appetea last Thursday, and there we got ourselves some treat.
  3. We went to the Rotonda Circle friday night for fun. We enjoyed ourselves there.
  4. We didn’t present our Math Jingle on thursday and I’m happy abou it. 🙂 My group isn’t that prepared yet so instead, we will perform it on Monday.
  5. I’m having a long weekend! Yehey! XD
  6. I get to finish Love in the Moonlight.
  7. I don’t have any assignments for next week! 😛
  8. I’ve uploaded almost 5 blog post just this week. 🐱
  9. I already get to bond with my squad.
  10. Then lastly, I already have a adobe Premier Pro. Yey!

If you wanted to join me and many more others, click below!


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Life Lately: Currently Up To

My life is a common school girl type. Like school -home-assignments-sleep. That’s my usual routine everyday but I’ve been up to many different things right now that I don’t think I can fit it to my schedule anymore. I usually sleep 7:40 to 8:30 but lately I’ve been up until 9. I just want to share some things that I’m currently up to.

Lately, I’ve been very busy with school projects and performance tasks that I barely inserted my blogging schedule. School is hectic at the moment and I don’t have any time to talk with my friends about their lives like we usually do. I can only see them every after class then that’s it. I can only see them getting inside the school gate and leaving the school gate.

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