Harvey Jean Beatriz Abapo

I’m just your typical school girl who loves blogging. I’m a bibliophile, Book worm and a Korean drama lover. I love to stay up late at night to blog or watch movies.Currently living and loving the Philippines.

I guess a simple (very simple) description can do because you can figure me out in my blog post. And I also find it hard to discuss myself in a positive way without sounding too arrogant and too humble.

But right now, if you really want to know me better (cause you think I’m a good person), well then all you need to do is visit my blog often to know me better.

Why “Actual Goddess”?

 Life is cruel and unfair sometimes but all you have to do is to be REAL in whatever you do. It might not stop your problems but can help lessen how problematic you are feeling.

 A Goddess isn’t considered a goddess without her character. A goddess must have a positive outlook and expectations in life. Or in other hand an optimist.

Being an Actual Goddess (or should I say a real optimist), isn’t bad after all. Being real to the whole world and being an optimist at all times is a good way to make your life happier and better than you think it would.

P.S Just found it from a twitter Header. I just gave meaning to it because it’s nice 😉


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