Inspirational: Failures aren’t every bad thing.


Eversince the world has began, life has always been cruel. It doesn’t give you want you wanted all the time.

Sometimes, you have to patiently wait for the perfect timing or accept the fact that it wouldn’t go the way you wanted it to.

The past week, I realized another life lesson. Another life lesson that I would surely bring with me throughout my life.

As students, we always have that mindset to ace in our classes and to fight for that top place.

I, myself have that kind of mindset. I never really dreamt of being in top of our class. I have long accepted that I will probably never deserve that place.

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Inspirational Talk: Dealing with Insecurities

In our era right now, we are very judgemental and we always compare ourselves to different persons. We always ask ourselves the differences that we had from a person. We always take a look at our differences and that is seriously one of the reason why our insecurities are made.

As a teen, I always relate to somethings when talking about insecurities. I have a lot especially when we are talking about physical appearances. Physical appearances are one big reason why we are judge by our friends or co-teens.

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Summer Bucket List

It’s officially summer guys! I just heard the news! And ever since this year had started, I already am planning for a summer bucket list for me to achieve!

Although I also wanted to try a new year bucket list, but sadly, I was not able to write and list because I was so busy that time. (Yeah, you were right. The beginning days of 2017 were so busy for me.)

So well anyway, since it’s summer, I will try to be hands on to blogging (even though, I am also busy writing a story on Wattpad! Hehehe.) But yeah! These are the things that I wanted to try this summer.


1.  Make my own Ice cream.

I am so excited at the thought about me making my very own ice cream. I haven’t tried making one so this is a must on my bucket list!

2. Catch a sunset and sunrise at the beach.

We always go to beaches but then, I don’t always catch sunset and sunrise so it’s also a must on my bucket list.

3. Buy 3 new English novels and read them all in a month. 

I know it’s kinda impossible to read them all in a month but I can do things if I really wanted to. So there’s no harm in trying.

4. Go to a road trip with my squad! 

My squad and I always plan to a road trip but those are always turned down after a week. So I just hope that sooner or later, I will get to go out with my squad in a road trip, especially this summer!

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Make-up tips from Erika!

Thank God it’s Thursday! I have a lot school projects to be passed on Monday but I still insert this on my schedule because it’s been a long (a really long time) since I updated my blog. (Plus, I get to tweaked my blog page)

Well anyway, my friend who’s so in love with make-ups and beauty products, gave me some make-up tips and I’m gonna share it with you. And at the end, she have some recommended make-up products. So read until the end!

Make-up Tips

  • Foundation.

            If your foundation doesn’t match your skin type, blend two foundation (light and  dark)

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Who between the Two?

So I was aware that I’ve written some prologue and chapter one in microsoft word. I didn’t know what to update in my blog so I’ll just share this kind of crappy writing to you. Just the Prologue and Chapter one because those have small number of words.

Well, right now(extremely now) I am listening to Shots by Imagine Dragons broiler remix. It’s so cool and 100 percent better than the original song. It gives me an idea of what i’m going to do next. And maybe it will be in the next next week upload. 😉 Just wait for it loves.

Anyway, here’s my crappy written story.


I’m not pretty nor smart. I’m not rich but my parents can give me my needs. I don’t know how to fix myself. I’m definitely weird and so different from any other sassy girls that boys like. I’m a loner and just like what others say, I’m  FOREVER ALONE. To make it short and simple, I’m just a NOBODY. Completely nobody.

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4 Helpful Study Hacks!

Hey guys! I did not try to update this yesterday because I was sleeping the whole afternoon as a reward for my study nights. I know, I’m being a good good girl alright. I just finished my midterm exams, and I literally can breathe already.

And this blog post is about the study hacks that I did and discovered during my review nights. These four hacks totally helped me, so you can really try it.

1. Chew a bubblegum. So this is already a common thing for me already. I always use this every exam weeks. Do not always stick to the same flavor over and over again. Try using different or weird flavor because this will help jog your memory. But if you’re distracted by the flavor, stick to the flavor you like. You might not be able to concentrate in reading.

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Happy 23rd Birthday Nadz!


Okay first of all, I just want to greet my idol…

Happy Happy birthday Nadz! 

Hope you did enjoy your 23rd birthday in South Korea. Its the second time around celebrating your birthday in Korea and this time he’s already with you. I guess you already know who I’m referring to.

Well anyway, it’s sad that Yassi wasn’t able to make it with you but atleast she was with you last year.

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