Parting Time || Martyr

These past few days, I created another hobby of mine. To be honest, I hated poetry in the beginning. I wasn’t fond of making poems. I only write poems whenever it is needed as a homework. I’m too tired to list all possible rhyming words.

Well who knows things could change so fast. I just found myself sitting on the floor and in front of me was our glass table with the ball pen in my hand and with a piece of paper and I started writing crappy poems.

The poems that I wrote is not really good. They are crappy and make no sense. But I still wanted to share it you guys. I have written around four to five poems and they literally are crappy.

I don’t care if they are crappy as long as I can release my thought and arrange them the way I wanted it to be.

Yeah, I’ve made another long introduction about it but here are two of my poems. (I honestly don’t how to name my poems)

Parting Time

somethings are just not meant to be
just like you and me
we may have loved each other before
you and I just doesn’t deserve a forever
you can find someone else and I can too
I just want you to know you were part of me
you really do.



you don’t have to be a martyr
just to prove you love him
you don’t have to accept all the pain he inflicted 
just to prove how strong your love is
sometimes, you just have to leave
You’re no saint, I know
You can forgive but not at all times.
leave when you cannot stay
Your just a human anyway. 


So that was it! Crappy, I know. The names were also weak. I don’t know how to title a poem! I’m gonna learn anyway. The poems you’ve just read are all mine. PLAGIARISM IS A CRIME! Put credits if you’re gonna share my poems. 🙂




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