Book Review: Until He Was Gone


Title: Until He Was Gone

Author: Jonaxx (Jonah Pacala)

Genre: Teen Fiction

*Self published but still available on wattpad*


Si Klare Montefalco ay ipinanganak sa isang kilala at marangyang pamilya. Everything is perfect. Mahal siya ng pamilya niya at mahal din niya ang mga ito. Her life is simple. No drama, no sweat, no nonesense.

Nang tumibok ang puso niya, doon niya napagtanto na ang bawat pader na inakala niya’y matibay ay matitibag din. But Klare’s fierce, she wouldn’t let that happen. No. She would risk her heart for her comfort zone, her home, her everything.

Ngunit sa pagkawala ng pag-ibig niya, doon din ba niya mapagtatanto kung anong nawala sa kanya? Is she ready to fight for it now? Now that he’s gone? (credits to: Jonaxx)


Honestly, I’m a fan of Jonaxx on wattpaad and that is not the first story that I’ve read from her.

I am very doubtful whether I will read it or not. But I ended up reading it.

Curiosity will really kill the cat! 

Once I started reading it, you must really have the BESTEST BEST! reason for me to stop. Because really, I couldn’t stop it.

The story has it’s own plot twists! Sobrang dami! Pero not that kind of dami na nakakalito na. It’s well arrange and from the very beginning mukhang planado na nga siya! 

It’s not your ordinary love story eh! Not that cheesy and very teen fictious story.

Sobrang ganda ng story! Sobrang bitin din siya eh but actually, it’s a trilogy so no worries! Hindi ka mabibitin sa pinakahuling story. 

That was I guess enough?

It’s just a review so I don’t really have to tell you guys what happened in the story but it’s for you to find out!

You can read on wattpad or you can buy it (the whole trilogy). But order’s are by batch eh since it’s self published (but Batch 3 is available!!) You can check the details at for more information about buying the trilogy!




I guess the biggest spoiler is what you should really find out in the story but I’ll give you a hint:

The man that Klare Montefalco is in love with in the story is the very least man you could ever expect. 

That wasn’t a spoiler, that was a hint but this is THE REAL spoiler:

Klare isn’t a real Montefalco, she’s an illegitimate child of her mom. 🙂


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