Summer Bucket List

It’s officially summer guys! I just heard the news! And ever since this year had started, I already am planning for a summer bucket list for me to achieve!

Although I also wanted to try a new year bucket list, but sadly, I was not able to write and list because I was so busy that time. (Yeah, you were right. The beginning days of 2017 were so busy for me.)

So well anyway, since it’s summer, I will try to be hands on to blogging (even though, I am also busy writing a story on Wattpad! Hehehe.) But yeah! These are the things that I wanted to try this summer.


1.  Make my own Ice cream.

I am so excited at the thought about me making my very own ice cream. I haven’t tried making one so this is a must on my bucket list!

2. Catch a sunset and sunrise at the beach.

We always go to beaches but then, I don’t always catch sunset and sunrise so it’s also a must on my bucket list.

3. Buy 3 new English novels and read them all in a month. 

I know it’s kinda impossible to read them all in a month but I can do things if I really wanted to. So there’s no harm in trying.

4. Go to a road trip with my squad! 

My squad and I always plan to a road trip but those are always turned down after a week. So I just hope that sooner or later, I will get to go out with my squad in a road trip, especially this summer!

5. Wear a one-peice bikini. 

I know it’s kinda weird but I have NEVER tried wearing a bikini and I think a one-piece will be more wholesome than a two piece.

6. Sleep the whole day. 

School is a stressful place, so this summer. I don’t want to stress myself too much so I wanted to sleep the whole day.

7. Cry over a love story. 

This isn’t something new to me but I wanted to cry over a love story.

8. Watch old Korean Dramas. 

Technically, before you consider yourself as a k-drama fan, you need to watch old korean dramas that was also a hit. So for me to be a Korean drama fan, I need to watch it. So that’s also a must!

9. Fall in love with a new fictional Wattpad Characters. 

I wanted to fall in love with new fictional so I must read new fiction books on wattpad.

10. Lastly, I wanted to learn how to swim. 

I don’t really know how to swim so I might ask my parents to enroll me in a swimming lesson this summer.

So I wish, these bucket list can also help you thought about the things that you also wanted to do this summer. And for me, I really wanted to try these things out so hopefully, I will be able to.

So Happy Summer Guys!!! >3



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