Confessions of a K-drama Addict //01

Because I can’t held it inside of me without sharing it with anyone…

That’s one big reason why I created this. I’m a person who wanted to share every wonderful things I’ve experienced in my life. I consider me being a fan of Korean drama a big thing in my life. Then I realized, why I barely share these kind of feels to my friends.

I’ve been keeping all of these, inside me for a long time now. Then it hit me. Why didn’t I share it to my beloved blog? But maybe I did. I somewhat did when I made some drama reviews. But maybe it wasn’t enough for me.

Well then here it is! My very own confession of a K-drama addict!

To be honest, I didn’t like korean dramas before.  My cousin has been very deeply in love with k-pop and dramas since then and I knew it. She collected dramas and k-pop songs and we had lots and lots of it.

Then one time, on my facebook news feed, all posts were about Descendants of the sun. I thought about it was a song. I didn’t have any idea back then that I will be loving this k-drama.

A few days later, I opened my snapchat account and saw some posts of my friend. Then one of my snapchat friend happens to be my cousin’s friend which is also a k-drama and k-pop lover. There was a picture then the caption was “Crying over descendants of the sun”

The name was very familiar. Then I caught my cousin,s talking about it. Then me being an epal cousin, asked them if I could borrow or watch it. Then they let me borrow the tablet.

Then I was shocked, it was in korean language and the thought that it’s about the love between a doctor and a soldier, was very weird but amazing at the same time. Weird because I’ve never seen a soldier in a drama mostly I see them in action movies.

And the story doesn’t just run between their love, it’s also how they take part in their own jobs! I was like, “Wow! I wish I would be like that when I grew up!”

It was an inspiring story. It makes me want to pursue medicine. Not because it’s Kang Mo Yeon’s job but I really had that dream in me before I even met her. The drama was a success!

And I want to congratulate my beloved and oh-so- awesome Song-song couple for winning the Grand Award of KBS! It was surely a good starter for the next year. And being a fan, I’m so proud for the both of them! Saranghae!


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