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Sunday Currently| 05

This week was different for me because, I didn’t go to Butuan yesterday and i just stayed at San Francisco. Well anyway, Happy Sunday guys! I feel unproductive kanina but I’m so excited to write another blog post for this! YEY! 🐱



My Latest Korean Drama review which is love in the Moonlight! It’s short (Not as long as my other K-drama review) but I think I had delivered everything I wanted to say.


None for this week. But I have something to upload next time


Ben’s Misty Road. A song from Love in the Moonlight. It was amazing. Thumbs up to Jin Young. πŸ˜‰


A good way to surprise my friend.


*sniffs* none maybe


To be able to finish my tasks in school.


To have a blessed and a not busy week ahead! >3


My pajamas! It’s one pm and I haven’t even taken a bath yet! 🐻


Moonlight drawn by clouds OST! (Some songs are produced by Jin Young!)


An autograph from Park Bo Gum. ^^’


Money to buy my planner! (I think I should just save up!)


Amazing! XD I feel very amazing today! Maybe because I don’t mind having class tomorrow! (woaah! That’s unusual!)

So how was you’re Sunday folks? Click the link below if you wanted to join me and many more others! >3

Join the Sunday Currently link-up by Siddathorton

P.S I didn’t put a featured Image because I’m too tired to make one!


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