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Rant: Lee Jong Suk with Suzy?!

Hey! You all knew that I love Lee Jong Suk, I’ve seen his famous dramas and he’s a very great actor. A news came that he’s gonna have a drama soon. Very Very Soon.

I was like Yeah! Yeah! May gagawin na naman ako evry evening tapos papagalitan na naman ako kasi nagda-download na naman. But the saddest part is, He’s gonna be paired with Suzy.

Don’t get me wrong, Suzy’s a very enthusiastic person and a famous idol in Korea or probably the whole world but let’s all face it, her acting sucks big time!

I’m not a hater nor a basher of Suzy but that’s the truth. If you are a kdrama fan, you might have known about Uncontrollably Fond which is starred by Kim woo Bin and suzy. The plot of the story was amazing but the actress didn’t seem to put enough justice on it.

A lot of Kim woo Bin’s fans are dissapointed on how the story goes just because of the actress. Kim Woo Bin’s fame gets hotter and hotter and hotter. From the cameo appearances to smaller dramas and then to the bigger ones. Then reached Uncontrollably fond then it went down again. The most probable reason why this happened is because,Suzy’s acting skills doesn’t match Kim woo Bin’s. And that’s probably gonna happen to Lee Jong Suk.

A lot of Lee Jong Suk fans are devastated about the news and that counts me in but some are happy maybe because they are a fan of Suzy and they adored her so much. But the only question in my mind is that, Why pair a very great actor to a mediocre actor?

It know it would be a privilege to the younger one to be able to be paired with such amazing actor but let’s talk about skills. You have to be considerate of skills too. what if the younger one’s skills just wouldn’t match the other one? Of course! it wouldn’t but let’s get it a bit more closer to the acting skills of the older one.

And maybe they could try pairing the both of them some other times when Suzy gets a lot more experience in acting. Plus they couldn’t just follow a big break-out of “W-two worlds” with the casting like that.

But who am I to question right? And besides, it’s still too early to just judge the whole happenings and we still don’t know how will this drama go. But I must say, the timing isn’t just right for the both of them and I think, Suzy will need more of acting experiences before pairing with amazing actors.



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