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Sunday Currently| 04

Yey! I finally had a time to make a Sunday Currently post because I just got home from Butuan very early. Well anyway, my last “Sunday Currently” blog post was way back November 6 and now it’s December 4. It’s almost a month! But no worries, here’s how my Sunday went.



Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins. Actually, I bought the book 3 years ago but I’m more determined to finish the book now.


Actually I made a story on my notes out of boredom again. So I think I can consider it as a writing maybe,


the sounds from the Television outside the room. It is now Wansapanatym.


about my next blog post


none I think.


A productive week ahead.


to watch Moonlight drawn by clouds episode 11 by tonight.


the usual pambahay style.


I’ll be honest, this is the most exciting part when writing a “Sunday Currently” blog post. It excites me. Okay I’ve been loving a lot as of now. First, my new phone ring which is hello kitty. Second, my new pastel-colored earphones then lastly, I’m loving Park Bo-Gum from Moonlight drawn by clouds.


A korean magazine or any Magazine with Jadine on cover. (that’s my preferred gift for christmas)


more ideas for the next blog post


very excited to watch the episode 11 of Moonlight drawn by clouds.

Yey! Happy December loves! It’s very late in the evening for this but I made it! Merry Christmas! ; )

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