I’m totally not a poet or a poem writer. I just wrote this kind out of boredom? And I kept on thinking, maybe I can make it a song? But nah, I don’t like it. I didn’t have any background writing poems because I think of poems as boring. They seriously are for me before. I only write poems for school purposes. This is the very first poem I’ve written in my own likeness. I just wanted to share it with you guys. So please bear with it.


Sometimes I wonder,

How can I get your attention?

Did you notice me?

Or even think of me?

I already knew the answer

It was an obvious “NO”

but I still can’t help hoping

someday, you’ll like me back.

Here I am, hiding

and looking at you secretly

when are you going to notice me?

will I always have to hope?

Even if I wanted to talk to you

I don’t have courage to

You made my knees tremble

and made my heart beat so fast

I promise no regrets

Even if I’m broken

because I hoped and prayed

even if I knew that I’ll lose

Whatever your decision is,

I will gladly accept.

Even If I end up broken,

At least you got happy.

It was a very crappy poem. I’m not into poems even before. I just wrote it out of boredom. You can critique my work if you want, though. I’m not a poet. I edited some words and some paragraphs from the original version of my poem. I hope you liked it!


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