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Make-up tips from Erika!

Thank God it’s Thursday! I have a lot school projects to be passed on Monday but I still insert this on my schedule because it’s been a long (a really long time) since I updated my blog. (Plus, I get to tweaked my blog page)

Well anyway, my friend who’s so in love with make-ups and beauty products, gave me some make-up tips and I’m gonna share it with you. And at the end, she have some recommended make-up products. So read until the end!

Make-up Tips

  • Foundation.

            If your foundation doesn’t match your skin type, blend two foundation (light and  dark)

  • Eyebrows.

              To make your eyebrows look more natural, use an eyebrow pencil dan gel.

  • Preimer

                Apply a Preimer first before foundation. Any preimer will do.

  • Contouring

                Do the nose contouring for a pointy nose look.

  • Make-up hack!

                  To add more light to your make-up, add a highlighter to your cheekbones, nose and cupid bows.



So how was it? Hope it will work for you though. And it’s quite small and not very detailed. Don’t worry though there are more of this to come! So I know it’s quite, bitin! so here are some recommended make-up brands to use!

Recommended Make-up Brands

  • Benefit

  • Anastasia

  • Nars

  • Mac

  • Mark Jacobs


  • Kylie


I hope you liked my update for today. Wish me luck for tomorrow, I’ll be a host for a culminating program but just a mini one. Not a big audience but I’m still getting nervous.  Well anyway, hope you loved it! I’m not really into make-up and I don’t have any ideas about it. And I feel like I’m getting out of my comfort zone in writing now! Kyaaaah!!! I’m so proud of myself. (Lol)  Hope all of it works for you.

And I think, I’m going to make a #AskActualGoddess in twitter and you can go tweet and ask me in there whenever you like. Happy Thursday again loves!


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