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Who between the Two?

So I was aware that I’ve written some prologue and chapter one in microsoft word. I didn’t know what to update in my blog so I’ll just share this kind of crappy writing to you. Just the Prologue and Chapter one because those have small number of words.

Well, right now(extremely now) I am listening to Shots by Imagine Dragons broiler remix. It’s so cool and 100 percent better than the original song. It gives me an idea of what i’m going to do next. And maybe it will be in the next next week upload. 😉 Just wait for it loves.

Anyway, here’s my crappy written story.


I’m not pretty nor smart. I’m not rich but my parents can give me my needs. I don’t know how to fix myself. I’m definitely weird and so different from any other sassy girls that boys like. I’m a loner and just like what others say, I’m  FOREVER ALONE. To make it short and simple, I’m just a NOBODY. Completely nobody.

I’m not famous nor a campus crush. Having admirers weren’t on my list and it would be last thing that will expect. But little did I know that two boys will love me despite of my looks and guts. I didn’t know what pursue them to court and love me.

I didn’t want to hurt one of them but I need to make a choice. A choice that is right and not regretful. A choice that is not just made by my heart but also my mind. Its getting me confuse because I need to consider a lot of things. There is only one question that I need to answer so I can solve this problem.



1. Party

“I don’t wanna go.” I answered so plainly. I’m not really into parties and teenage stuffs. I just want to stay home and read novels all day long besides, its Saturday. No class, no angry professors and no boring subjects.

“Come on Steph. This night should be enjoyed! Not wasted by reading boring stuffs.” Did she just called my favorite novel a boring stuff???

“For your information Ms. Rosalie Morgan, this ‘New Moon’ novel by Stephanie Meyer isn’t boring.” I faced her then continue reading.

“Oh really??” she’s challenging me huh?

“Yes.” I said firmly.

“Now tell me what is more boring. Reading a very thick novel or making acquaintances with loud music???”

That shuts me.

I didn’t answered her. I just stayed quiet. She’s still looking at me wearing a smirk on her face.

I put my book down beside me and released a deep sigh. What can I do?? She’s Rosalie Morgan. She wouldn’t stop not until she gets what she wants.

“All right. You win.”

Then she started shouting.

“Ok. Now dress up and fix yourself. I’ll be waiting downstairs. And 0h! hurry up. My cousin’s gonna be here any minute now.” She said before closing the door.

I looked at my closet that was so messy. I pulled my favorite polo shirt and a simple blue jeans. After fixing my clothes, I moved on to my hair.

“What am I gonna do with you my hair??” I asked myself looking the mirror. I looked weird.

I just decided to ty my hair into a bun. And put on some perfume.

I went down and I saw Rosalie looking at me with a questioning face.

“Why are you wearing like that??” I looked at my outfit and I think there’s nothing wrong with it.

“What’s in it??” I asked.

“Don’t mind it. Let’ go. My cousin is already here.” We went outside and saw a boy leaning on an Auston Martin car.

“Lets go??” The boy ask. He must be Rosalie’s cousin.

“Yeah!!! Lets enjoy this night!!” Rosalie and I entered his car.

We put on our seat belts and he started driving. His driving was flawless and smooth. It’s nice if I could asked him a favor to teach me how to drive my Ferrrari.

He parked the car in front of a big house. Disco lights were around the house and the loud music was already heard even out here. I didn’t know it was gonna be like this.

“Lets enjoy this night!!!” Rosalie exclaimed.

“All right!!” the boy followed Rosalie.

“Are you coming??” he asked me.

“Yeah.” Then I started walking towards the house.

This is gonna be my first time…

Ugghhh! I know, I know! It so crappy and very plain. It was always been my hobby to write novels based on my imaginations or just simply writing but gosh! Why haven’t I improved?! I’ve been writing for almost a year and almost every week and I STILL haven’t improved.

Plus, I’ve been reading English Novels and even though I can’t find the hard copy, I’m just reading the soft copy just for me to learn how to write like a pure novelist. But another STILL for not improving.

But even though you’re not improving (or so you thought you’re not) just keep pushing and strive harder. And this is a very short update, hope you liked it though.


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