monotonous life

Sunday Currently | 03

Hey hey hey, Beah here! Happy sunday everyone and it’s the very first sunday of November! And hey, it’s almost Christmas! So here is how my sunday went. 


Scorching love by Jonaxx again. Actually I’m on the last chapter of it though. It really is fun. I’ll try to make a review about it. 


None currently. I mean I’m still thinking on what’s next on my blog post. Just wait for it loves because maybe I’m not gonna update next week. I’m kindรก busy. Well I’ll try.


The reactions of my relatives about the boxing fight. Yeah, like I care. 


About my next blog post. I have two options, either a vlog (yes, you heard it right. A Vlog) or travel essentials or what’s in my school packbag. Either of the three. 


The smell of some packed and kept dresses. We’re actually having a haul or what should I call it. And I just discovered that I had a phone pouch that is literally so cute which is colored cream and beige and so fluffy.


Since my mind is in haywire, then I guess I wish for peace of mind.


To be able to achieve a good score for the midterms. 


Sleeping t-shirt that is really comfortable and some jersey shorts.


My new/old lhone pouch and a woven sling bag. I swear! It looks new but its actually old and is just kept in a box.


Some hair curler that ate Janina Vela has and a denim jumpsuit. Huhuhu. Denim! 


Space and time for myself. Actually I’m doing it now ’cause I’m in my room writing in my Phone. Yes, phone. They used the laptop for watching the boxing fight. Yeah, I know. 


Pure bland. Actually I don’t know what I’m feeling. My mind is so haywire about the plots, exams and projects for the third grading that I can’t even understand what I’m feeling. 

Alright! That’s it! That’s how my sunday goes! How about yours? 


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