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4 Helpful Study Hacks!

Hey guys! I did not try to update this yesterday because I was sleeping the whole afternoon as a reward for my study nights. I know, I’m being a good good girl alright. I just finished my midterm exams, and I literally can breathe already.

And this blog post is about the study hacks that I did and discovered during my review nights. These four hacks totally helped me, so you can really try it.

1. Chew a bubblegum. So this is already a common thing for me already. I always use this every exam weeks. Do not always stick to the same flavor over and over again. Try using different or weird flavor because this will help jog your memory. But if you’re distracted by the flavor, stick to the flavor you like. You might not be able to concentrate in reading.

2. Be comfortable. Wear anything that is comfortable with you. May it be short shorts, fluffy t-shirts or over size t-shirts. Wear anything you like so you won’t be distracted and won’t feel uneasy when studying.

3. Avoid everything that can disturb you. The best way to understand what your reading is to avoid things that can distract you. Be in a quite and peaceful place to avoid noises. And I recommend your room because aside from being used to the smell, you’ll be more comfortable in reading.

4. Don’t stress yourself. Stressing is never a good way to get a high scores in exams. The more you’ll forget everything you studied. Our brains can get fully loaded you know. You can’t force it to accept everything you read. It can also get tired. ( Parang ako, napapagod din na lagi nalang iniiwan. 😦 ) Well anyway, try to relax an hour before taking the test. Or give yourself a treat after studying or once you finish all the test. Like what I did, I rewarded myself the whole afternoon being unproductive.

Okay so here’s another tip though not all of the people is comfortable doing this. Well for me, it works. Cramming is one of my tip though not sure if it works for you. I can memorize it easily if I’m doing the last-minute study method. Though not at all times especially when there are lots and lots of terms and fomulas that needed to be practiced and memorized.

Hope it helps though πŸ˜‰


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