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Sunday Currently| 02

Happy Sunday everyone!! I’m feeling very very very productive today, so I’m writing a Sunday Currently post. This Sunday was kinda bland but I still love it of course!



Camie Juan’s trip in Jeju Island.Β  Actually, she has been one of my favorite and idolized blogger. Visit her blog too.


My second blog post of Sunday Currently.


different commercials. I wasn’t looking at the television because I’m too busy typing.


about visiting Jeju Island. I’ve been inspired by Camie. Now it makes me want to visit South Korea more. (Gosh, How I wish I could really go)


the salty smell of my soda crackers. (My new Favorite cracker!)


I could visit Jeju Island or just any wonderful spots in Korea specifically South Korea.


I could extend my semestral break! God it’s ending!


A fluffy top (yes fluffy. Its so soft!!) and a shorts.


My new blog page face. πŸ™‚


To buy an airplane ticket to Jeju city!


more time for blogging because it’s almost back to school.


excited because it’s my mom’s birthday tomorrow! And I also made a DIY birthday surprise for her. I’m gonna post the details maybe tomorrow.

So how did your Sunday go? Hope you all had a great week ahead! πŸ˜‰

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