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Happy 23rd Birthday Nadz!


Okay first of all, I just want to greet my idol…

Happy Happy birthday Nadz! 

Hope you did enjoy your 23rd birthday in South Korea. Its the second time around celebrating your birthday in Korea and this time he’s already with you. I guess you already know who I’m referring to.

Well anyway, it’s sad that Yassi wasn’t able to make it with you but atleast she was with you last year.

And Nadz, I’m very very happy that you finally got to achieve your dreams and your career and lovelife is going strong. Don’t mind the bashers out there ’cause we; JaDines are here for the both of you.

Thank you for inspiring us in many different ways and thank you also for making us happy. Continue with your life and always move forward because we are always on you back.

We’ll always support you in whatever you do. Always remeber that. Love you Nadz! Pakisabi narin kay James “I Love You” tapos kiss mo siya sa cheeks para sa kin.

‘Di Joke lang pero kung gusto mong gawin, gawin mo. Matutuwa kami nadz. XD



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