monotonous life

She’s 13!


Because I wasn’t able to come to your birthday yesterday, I just will just give you this post.

Happy happy happy birthday Mickay! You’re finally 13! I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to come and celebrate with you on your special day. Something came up so I wans’t able to go. Hope you’d understand.

Well anyway, I’m very happy that you’ve been doing well the past few months that I didn’t saw you. How’d I wish I can hug you right now. I really miss you mickay!

Since when was the last time I saw you? I can’t remember. Your birthday was supposedly our chance to see each other again but we didn’t.

I’ve been very blessed to meet you and became my friend. You have been ONE of my reasons why my 3 years in grade school was a blast!

Even if I’m far away, you are my friend and you will always be.

Love ya’!


Actual Goddess


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