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Sunday Currently| 01

Supposedly, this would be my third Sunday Currently post in my old blog but if you already read my first blog post in this new blog of mine, then you would already know. But anyway, I’d love to share my Sunday for this week.



Tripped: Liliene Altamerino of Alegria Girls Series #3 of Jonaxx. I’m already around chapter 20 0r 21. Try reading it though. Jonaxx is one of my fave author in wattpad.


My original story which is Still Stuck. Its on wattpad. Its a collab story though but I’m updating it fot the next chapter. Go check it out loves.


“Shout out to my ex” by Little Mix.


if I’m going to my ex-classmate’s birthday party. I’d like to be home for my sunday but I’d also like to see her though.


nothing at this really moment.


a healthy life for my half cousin. Its her birthday today!


that I’ll have a nice week ahead cause its already our semestral break! Yehey!


a kuala lmpur malaysia t-shirt given by dad. And a shorts that I usually wear at home.


My new wallpaper. Can’t get enough of him.



Royal blue cap! I just usually borrow blue caps from my cousin.


Time to think if I will go (to my ex-classmate’s birthday party) or not.


excited for Christmas! I know its still far from today but I just can’t help it!

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