monotonous life


It wasn’t that much of a well prepared reunion but it just so happen. And it happened just before the semestral break.

How funny isn’t it? We were even able to find a perfect spot even if our shool is under renovation.


It wasn’t perfectly planned. It just so happen.

We were so happy that after all those busy weeks, months and days, we found time to be with each other. Talked, laughed and looked at few throwback pictures are what we did in those 30 minutes reunion.

It didn’t last that long though but worth the moment.


We aslo took jumpshots near our shool sign.

Its just a little thing but worth for the books and keeps.

They might have flaws and might not be the perfect friend, but they are who they are for me.

Considering someone a real friend is not just because of money, face and attitude but you can call them real friends if you accept them for who they really are.


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