monotonous life

Hello New Blog!


Might be wondering why I said hello to my NEW blog? It is because I accidentally deleted my blog site with full of my life since last year. I know! I know! I’m clumsy and really tanga. No need to remind me loves, I already know myself.

To be honest, I actually wanted to edit my site and start from the very beginning but I was still doubting if I will do it or not. No finality to be clear. But what I did was press the ‘delete’ button and agreed without knowing anything. I was too tired to read at that moment. So when I was supposed to open it, it says that this site has been deleted.

And I was like; Shit! Did I delete it?! Ang tanga ko! 

I kept repeating those words for about 5-7 minutes alone in my room. If you only how regretful I was at that moment. Until the next day come and I keep on sharing that to my classmates and they were so supportive. (I’m being sarcastic here!)

All they did was tease me about what happen saying, tanga mo bey! And then they would laugh out loud.

So this is why I ended up with actual goddess.


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